Dai Taylor @ Canary Wharf and the City of London Photography
Dai Taylor @ Canary Wharf and the City of London Photography

News in 2018

The new London Bridge Station

 ArchAngel Productions launch party announced its new slate of films to go into production in 2018. 'Operation Good Guys The Movie', cult comedy classic, with the original cast including Dave Gillespie, Ray Burdis and Perry Benson. 'To Be Someone', comedy drama set against the backdrop of Mod Culture, starring Toyah Willcox, Mark Wingate, Lesley Chapman and Trevor Laird. And the controversial 'Ferris', based on the life of Glasgow Godfather, Paul Ferris.




Click on the link below to visit the launch.



Hurricane Ophelia caused eerie lighting over London.

In conjunction with Barclays Premier I took hunderds of headshots with all monies going to the Rainbows, over £3,000, fantastic....


I shot a video for 'You Say Tomato' at London's Borough Market presented by David Gillespie. Click on the link below to view.


International Petroleum Week comes to London from the 21st to 23rd of February and I'll be covering OMV's exclusive brunch at The Savoy, can't wait.....

An absolutely stunning January sunrise behind Canary Wharf.

News in 2016

The 2015/16 Clipper Around the World Race Finished . Click here to view the album https://flic.kr/s/aHskE8en3q

A Hindi funeral outside our studio.


PG Tips tea  topiary monkey passing the historic Prospect of Whitby pub on it's way into London for PR.

I enjoy 100% satisfaction from clients

My photographs were published in the Mail on Line

An extremely busy weekend shooting Thames Rib Experience trips......


The beautiful L'Austral cruiseship passed by our apartment/studio on her way into London mooring just around the corner by Tower Bridge.

The view from our apartment/studio..............

Thumbs up, I now have over 600 clients that use my photographs for their Linkedin profile......!

The first morning moon of 2016
Discovered a process to create Cartoon style images from photographs!
Discovered a HDR edit that works amazingly well in black and white.

Discovered a HDR edit that works amazingly well in black and white.

I'm extremely happy with this edit of Canary Wharf contrasting against lamposts.

News in 2015

An absolutely beautiful start to the final day of 2015....

The 2015 ProMedical Christmas Awards at London's Exclusive Mayfair Hotel.
One of the many edited images for the 2016 DIPHONE catalogue.

I've photographed a few inanimate objects over the years but this is quite a task photographing stainless steel door entry panels and inserts for AIPHONE's 2016 catalogue!

Nov 21, 2015 


The Shard is dazzling me.
Nov 12, 2015 

The sun's reflection against the Shard is incredibly bright, dazzling me as I edit photographs.

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The Heron Tower

Nov 12, 2015 
The Heron Tower's solar panels reflect a November sunrise.

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